Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The verb TO BE and Fairytale characters - Four In a Row game

 It's a game for 2 students. One of them chooses an empty square and makes a dot inside. Then he rolls a die and depending on the number he's got makes a sentence (1,4 - affirmative, 2,5 - negative, 3,6 - interrogative).
 For example: I am a princess/ He isn't a king/ Are we clowns?
If the sentence is correct, he draws something inside the chosen square (we use snowflakes and hearts or flowers). If he makes a mistake, his opponent has a chance to correct it and draw his own sign instead. The first one to make a row of four signs (either in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal position) is the winner.

There are 2 different sets to play with.

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