Thursday, 20 September 2012

Make a Witch with Voki

I'm using the SideVibe application in this case, as it's very convenient to have the task right before your eyes while carrying it out. For those who aren't familiar with SideVibe it looks like this:

Go to the SideVibe website, sign up/log in and write describing people in the search box.
If you don't want to bother yourself with any applications, just give your students the instructions below and send them to the Voki website:

1. Customize your character:
  • head - monsters - a witch
  • clothing - choose the grey hat and clothes
  • bling - choose a necklace with a moon and a star
  • click DONE
2. Colour
  • yellow eyes
  • a brown mouth
  • light green skin
  • orange hair
3. Tweak
  • a small mouth
  • a very big nose
  • a thin body
  • a small wide head
4. Give it a voice
  • record your voice - imagine you are the witch and tell me about yourself
  • click DONE
5. Backgrounds
  • holidays
  • choose any halloween picture
  • click DONE
6. Players
  • choose the black player
  • click DONE
  • move the witch up and to the left so that you can see her arms.
6. Now, have a look at my witch and yours. Do they look the same?
Finally, describe your witch.

First you should make a Voki character together with your students, then they make a witch on their own (following the instructions above) and finally let them make a monster/animal/person the way they wish and describe it later in the written form as well as give it a voice.

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