Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Family - a speaking activity

 Student A and student B are two siblings who " have lost their memory" as a result of a serious fight. They ask each other general/special questions to find out the facts they don't remember and circle the right words / fill in the missing information. If they don't know how to write a word, they can ask the partner to spell it.

e.g.: A   - Is our grandma's name Liz?                          A   - What's my name?       
         B   - No, it isn't. Her name is Mary.                      B   - Your name's Lucy.
        A   - Is our grandad on holiday?                               B   - How old am I?
        B - Yes, he is.                                                                 A   - You're 11.

The worksheet is editable, so you can change anything you need.

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